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“Focused Care looks at the sleep experience of our residents from both the clinical and comfort perspective – both extremely important considerations for folks that spend more time than most in or on a bed. We consider this a critical investment in the health and well-being of those we care for.”

Mark M. CEO of FPACP

The first night on our new Slumbur mattress was AMAZING! No more tossing and turning throughout the night. Laying my infant on this mattress was a blessing, as it was the first night in a long time that he slept through the night. It has made our nights so much easier to fall asleep.

Jessica R.

“This mattress is just fantastic!  The breathable technology makes it never too cold or too hot. Going to bed is a pleasure now.  Great for lower back pain, reduces tension where it’s needed. I have been having much healthier sleep experiences since getting this mattress. I highly recommend it.”

John P.