For the first time, hotels can provide quality, name brand, comfort foam mattresses at a fraction of the cost.

We are the first company that is capable of providing certified refurbished name brand mattresses restored to new conditions. Our unmatched technology allows us to provide hotels with the highest quality of commercial mattresses at unbeatable prices.

SLUMBuR works with bed-in-the-box companies to collect comfort tested mattresses that have been returned within 7-20 days after purchase.  We sanitize each mattress utilizing a patented five step Clean Sleep Certification process, put on a new commercial grade, removable, washable cover on the mattress , so when they are delivered to your hotel, they are like new.  

Now you can purchase a SLUMBuR name brand mattress for less.  We even offer our Clean Sleep Certification process as an optional service to provide ongoing protection for your guests as well to increase the life of your mattresses.