The SLUMBuR Hybrid
The SLUMBuR Hybrid

The SLUMBuR Hybrid

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The SLUMBuR Hybrid 2021 is the newly updated model of Slumbur 2019 Mattresses with a sustainable cover and additional support upgrades. It is best for people who have aches and pains and want maximum support with cooling features. 9 out of 10  sleepers say they have less back pain after sleeping on this mattress.


Continuous ergonomic zones with gel pods relieve aches and pains.
  • 3 layers of perforated breathable foam with cooling gel help you sleep cool and wake up refreshed.
  • Hybrid design combines foam and springs for added lift and airflow.
  • Each mattress cover is made with up to 121 recycled bottles.
  • Supportive gel pods strategically placed under your waist and lower back to prevent sinking and keep your spine aligned.
  • Gel pods provide more support than foam alone. This means less back pain and more sleep.
  • Continuous ergonomic zones for full-body relief.
  • Softer foam around the shoulders provides more relief to the upper body. Healthy spinal alignment for all sleeping positions.